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Concrete Repair & Restoration

ProSpec has over 30 years of experience producing high quality, professionally specified concrete restoration and repair products. Our broad range of products offer solutions for DOT and road and bridge repair, precast and cast-in -place systems and concrete rehabilitation projects.

Many of our concrete repair and restoration products contain proprietary additives to enhance our products long-term performance and application. These are high quality products with a track record of proven performance.

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Concrete Repair

  • Instant Hydraulic Cement

    Instant Hydraulic Cement

    A high speed, single component, cement repair material formulated for stopping active water leaks.

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  • Metro Mix 240

    Metro Mix 240

    A super plasticized, high performance, concrete mix. It replaces ready mix trucks where access is restricted. Ideal for projects requiring small structural concrete applications.

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  • Metro Mix 240 AE

    Metro Mix 240 AE

    An air entrained, super plasticized, high performance concrete mix with corrosion inhibitor. It replaces ready mix trucks where access is restricted. Ideal for projects requiring small structural concrete applications.

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  • Premium Patch 100

    Premium Patch 100

    A fast-setting, fiber-reinforced, high strength, cement-based repair mortar designed for applications where high early strength gain is needed to reduce down time.

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  • Premium Patch 200

    Premium Patch 200

    A rapid-setting, fiber-reinforced, high strength, polymer-cement mortar designed for concrete repair and overlay applications requiring high durability.

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Concrete Rehabilitation

  • BlendCrete™


    A fast-setting, one-component, polymer-modified, calcium aluminate cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound designed for vertical and overhead repair applications.

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  • Concrete Resurfacer

    Concrete Resurfacer

    A polymer-modified, cement-based product used for resurfacing old concrete to make it look new again.

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  • RubCrete


    A one-component, polymer-modified, portland cement-based interior and exterior resurfacer, designed for smoothing and filling vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces..

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  • Vinyl Concrete Patch

    Vinyl Concrete Patch

    A fast-setting, one-component, polymer-modified, calcium aluminate, cement-based, horizontal concrete patching compound.

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Construction Grouts

Damp Proofing/Waterproofing

  • Sure-Coat


    A single component, polymer-modified portland cement-based, water-resistant coating for concrete and masonry. Designed to protect structures from moisture damage and dampness.

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