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Instant Hydraulic Cement

A high speed, single component, cement repair material formulated for stopping active water leaks.

  • Can be applied underwater
  • Interior and exterior
  • Horizontal and vertical repairs
  • Single component
  • Non-metallic
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Stops seepage leaks
  • Rapid Cure Technology (RCT®)
  • Above and below grade
  • Initial set in 1 - 3 minutes
  • Non-staining
  • Basements
  • Elevator pits
  • Conduits
  • Sewer pipes
  • Sea walls
  • Static cracks
  • Swimming pools
  • Tunnels
  • Storm drains
  • Manholes
  • Foundations
  • Docks, piers and locks
Product Enhancements:
  • Rapid Cure Technology - RCT®

    Improves the strength, controls shrinkage and prevents efflorescence without sacrificing workability or working time.

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