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Product Calculators

Our product calculators help you estimate the amount of ProSpec product you need for your project.

Tile Setting Products

Grout Material Calculators

B-7000 Epoxy Mortar & Grout (Used as a Grout)

ProColor Sanded Grout

ProColor Unsanded Grout

ProColor Plus Grout

Mortar Material Calculators

B-7000 Epoxy Mortar & Grout (Used as a Mortar)

PermaFlex 300

Medium Bed PermaFlex 300

PermaFlex 400

PermaFlex 500

PermaFlex Lite 525

Medium Bed PermaFlex 550

PermaFlex 600

Permalastic Powder + Permalastic Additive

Permalastic Rapid Powder + Permalastic Additive

PermaSet 200

PermaSet 275

Medium Bed PermaSet 275

Quick PermaFlex 570

StayFlex 590

Adhesive Material Calculators

B-150 Epoxy Adhesive

B-1000 Tile Adhesive

B-4050 Multipurpose Tile Adhesive

Surface Prep Calculators

Floor Mud

Wall Mud

Membrane Calculators

B-6000 Waterproof / Crack Isolation Membrane



Flooring Products

Material Calculators

Feather Edge

Floor Patch Pro

Level Set LW-60

Level Set 100

Level Set 200

Level Set 300

Level Set Deep Pour 3

Level Set Wear Topping

Vinyl Concrete Patch

Moisture Control Calculators

Moisture Guard Max

Primer Calculators

Level Set Epoxy Primer

Level Set Primer

Level Set Primer Plus

Concrete Repair & Restoration

Material Calculators

Baybridge Shotcrete


C-1107 Construction Grout

Concrete Resurfacer

High Strength Precision Grout

Instant Hydraulic Cement

Metro Mix 240

Metro Mix 240 AE

Precast Mortar Grout

Premium Patch 100

Premium Patch 200


Shotcrete 300V

Slab Bedding Grout

Slab Dowel Grout

Sure Coat

Vinyl Concrete Patch